What We Do

Syed Engineering Co. is a Systems Integrator Company. Our dedicated purpose is to provide turnkey technology solutions to residential and commercial spaces. Our solutions span Automation, AV, Security, Integration, ELV & Low-Current Systems. Syed Engineering Co. offers a multitude of quality technologies that produce a comprehensively integrated space. Our solutions provide our customers with the latest in ELV Solutions, ICT, Low Current Solutions, Audio Visual Products, Comprehensive Control, and Security Solutions.

We have the technical expertise and capability to develop customized solutions and successfully handle large scale projects in the retail, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, financial services, transportation, education and government sectors all over Pakistan. We provide complete turnkey solutions from Consulting, Design and Engineering to Installation and Maintenance. SEC’s partners include the biggest and the best names in the business.

Our team includes top-notch Engineers, and their only motivation is to stand for our clients best interests.



Electrical Services

Syed Engineering also Provides the professional & technical skills, to plan & supervise the construction of a wide range of services from conception to delivery, Electrical Communications, Fire, Life Safety & Security.

Mechanical Engineering

Maintenance Contracts

SEC has a highly professional and experienced team. Our technicians are trained, and qualified. In order to keep them updated on the latest technology and products to enhance and manage security. we undergo regular training and attended courses.

ELV Design & Consultancy

Provide our customers with the fastest and highest possible return on their solutions and deliver continuous and sustainable value along with outstanding customer service. SEC has extensive project experience designing both technical and physical security systems.
Hand on Access machine
People monitoring in control room

Control Rooms

All of our services have one goal; to increase our clients productivity and performance. Information is the core of a modern control room. Our team of experienced security consultants help clients get the most value from their security investments by designing a well-conceived, efficient control rooms

Wiring & Cabling Services

Choose Syed Engineering Co. for installation and services of your infrastructure. We provide certification and testing of high-speed structured cabling systems to ensure that physical layer of your network meets industry specifications and expected operational performance.

In accordance with Cabling standards, the installation practices and network components used in your IT infrastructure have a direct impact on the overall performance of your systems. Our techs can help you assess your current or new structure cabling. Certification and documentation of the network cabling and wiring is a critical part and the baseline for your cable management process.

Clearly define As-Built Documentation with cable count, cable pathways and patching information will come in handy for operation and maintenance of your infrastructure. Through our extensive involvement in commercial networking cabling, Maximum Cabling is uniquely qualified to assist you in selecting and installing the right Low voltage wiring solution for your network infrastructure.

We are 100% hardware agnostic so we are uniquely position to install, test, troubleshoot or relocate all types of UL listed low voltage wires and cabling for application such as Phone, CCTV, security systems, access control, sound and Audio-Visual communications.

IT Solutions

IT Services

Proper planning and consideration is key for a successful data center buildout. We will custom design your data center for growth and scalability, choosing the most cost-efficient solution to deliver an IT infrastructure to meet current business needs while laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s next generation data center.

We will work to help you define your cable infrastructure, hardware, appliances, power and cooling needs. We are also experts in Data center optimization. Aging data centers are in desperate need of an upgrade.

Achieve operational efficiency, avoid the risk of running on an obsolete network infrastructure while reducing you operational and maintenance cost. SEC’s business ethics embrace transparency, trustworthiness and the highest service standards conceivable.